Our Story

For more than 20 years, our planning method has rescued large-scale projects from scheduling conflicts, budget overruns, and the many other stresses and strains that occur when a project under-delivers. In 2016, our method became an easy-to-use software that delivers more accurate projects and mitigates risks before timelines begin to slip.

Alan Uren


Alan started his career in the Royal Canadian Navy and began consulting in personal development and project management in the early 1980s. He has worked with clients in manufacturing, construction, energy, telecommunications, and government in locations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.


Wayne Greenwood


Name an industry, Wayne has probably served it as an instructor or facilitator of project management. He’s travelled around the world to work with companies in oil and gas, heavy vehicles, coal production, IT, change management, and food and beverages.


Owen Sagness


Owen brings a world of expertise as a business owner and developer, along with an international range of experience in senior management and executive positions, including 20 years with Microsoft. Recently he has been involved with Invest Nova Scotia as a valued Entrepreneur in Residence, offering advice and guidance to start-up organizations.


Ian Tait


Ian Tait is a highly experienced IT solutions and business transformation professional, with a wealth of knowledge built over three decades. He held leadership positions for 25 years at Deloitte Canada and Australia, where he served as a Partner and Principal. His areas of expertise include stakeholder engagement, sales leadership, and business turnaround.


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